my Happy Anniversary!!!

I was filled with passion and feeling quite restless and so I logged in to write a post, only to meet a pleasant surprise.

WordPress says – I don’t remember – that it’s been a full year since I opened this blog, and I so can’t believe it’s been that long.

On this day, as is often done on anniversaries, I choose to -what else ?- reflect on the origins of  my

Around this time last year, I was home, had plenty of free time -as I also do now, coincidentally -but didn’t have a lot to do. I was talking to a friend. We were discussing our plans and hopes for the future when I casually mentioned that I’d opened a blog long ago, it was rarely updated and it was very close to an online diary because very few people knew it existed. That blog was Some of you reading this might remember it.

I asked my friend if she’d like to see that blog. She said she wanted to, so I sent the link. As we went on chatting, I had a very random idea -and I like random ideas. What if I wrote more, I wondered. What if I spent some of my free time working on my blog?  I’d never written anything serious -except perhaps my final year thesis -but it wasn’t like I had anything to lose and besides, I felt a bit guilty at having abandoned my blog. So I decided to give the idea a try.

Over the next few days, I considered various options, some bad, some impractical till I narrowed down on one I really liked: NYSC. I had not wanted to go. I had read every single line of the NYSC act at least twice before the call-up letters arrived hoping to find a legal loophole that could exempt me from it. I found none. That was why I went on to camp  and in the process I made memories I cannot forget and became a changed man.

I started to write, and over the next months, I faced extreme hardships (in my mind) and enjoyed extreme pleasure and satisfaction as I wrote Clarion Call – all nine episodes of it. If you have never heard of it, here’s the link to episode 1 :D. I think you might like it. If you have, and want to see it again, that’s alright too.

As 99% of Clarion Call was precisely factual, I changed real names to fictional ones and often reached out to my friends from camp to seek permission for what I was about to write. Most of them were cool with it, and would comment when I got to  a part that included them .Most of them. Drama Queen and Mr ‘Super-Duper’ faithfully read,(thank you!) but warned me to keep my big mouth closed. Someone else had a very prominent role in the series and loved the story. I was alarmed when the person came very close to realizing that I had written about the person’s own self, but I managed to wriggle out when I was questioned, narrowly . Some facts are true but embarrassing. 😀 Evil Smile. It was fun!

I even made a new friend while writing. If I tell you, I love critics? Believe me. I do. One harsh one eventually confessed to not even knowing what I had been criticized about, but that confession took months in coming. Imagine! Obviously, I could not cancel the friendship by then.

I posted Clarion Call on another site with a few modifications , primarily a truer ending -I had been forced to change it when someone almost found out that…well…*lips sealed*. It went on to gather a few thousand views .I could not believe my luck.  I still can’t.

Oh and I moved over  to this blog, at episode 3 cos I was having troubles with the ‘engine’ of the other one.

After Clarion Call, I went on hiatus for a few months…okay, many many months, but Reflections is alive again. And if you follow it, you get to watch my struggles, and endure my thoughts, as I learn to write :).

Thanks !

Tolu O


March 4, 2014.






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Tolu O

intends to learn to write someday, is inquisitive, maverick, and a playful lover- of music and words.

5 thoughts on “my Happy Anniversary!!!”

  1. Tolu…….i hope you do get to write more often cos u’re an amazing writer and it’d b nice to share ur talent and experiences with the world..clarion call was a good read and i hope to read more stories from you….all d best!

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