Mind Over Matter

Mind Power
Mind Power

If you think you can or you think you  can’t, you’re right –Henry Ford.

What does Mind over Matter mean? Does it mean your mind can do ANYthing if you only imagine it?  Carried over to the extreme, the phrase loses it meaning. It is only when we understand it in the appropriate context that the concept can be of personal use. This post is about what it truly means.

The Extreme

Place your finger at the center of little candle’s flame. Imagine that it will not burn you for your mind is unlimited, your will is matchless. The heat will not harm you. The fire will not scorch you. If you determine it to be so in your mind, and completely believe, you will be fine. Your mind will dominate and triumph over matter.

That, is the extreme position. Present day evidence reveals it as utterly illogical, nonsensical and without merit. There are physical laws on the Earth that no amount of willpower will ever breach. But read one, and see where your willpower can make the difference.

Another Extreme, with a difference

You are a soldier stranded on a battlefield. You are bleeding and prostrate on the floor , you have been shot in multiple critical areas. Death is imminent. In movies, this is usually the part when the flamboyant protagonist shows his amazing strength, groans and rises despite his wounds and guns down each enemy combatant with a smile on his face. You find a corner to wait till help arrives.

That is not real life, it is entertaining but unrealistic. Let’s go back to the soldier scenario and see something that is a lot more possible.

You are a soldier stranded on a battlefield. You are bleeding and prostrate on the floor, you have been shot in multiple critical areas. Death is imminent. The enemy soldiers are nearing. All your comrades appear to be dead already. Your trusty Avtomat Kalashnikov model 47 rifle, lying across your chest, cradled in your arms is all you have left. Pain fills your body. You feel dizzy, your eyesight is shaky. You know that once you close your eyes, it will likely be for the last time because you have lost too much blood. But you decide to hold on, and force yourself to stay conscious for a short period of time. As the enemy soldiers walk into the building, you gather all your strength for one final burst of action and pour bullets into the enemy leader’s head. You die, content. Relieved.

Mind Over Matter does not confer superpowers on anyone that understands it, but if the concept is properly, consistently applied, it will provide a level of advantage. When your resources are stretched to their limits, you will find the strength to do a bit more and depending on the circumstances, that might be all you need to secure a roaring success.

P.S If you find out how to play with FIRE, don’t forget me.


Stop. I command you.
Stop. I command you.





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