Leap Of Faith

What happens when you decide to make choices that other people find difficult to approve of, or accept as logical? What happens when voices you respect, and friends you listen to fail to switch to your point-of-view despite careful attempts on their part?

What happens if almost everyone agrees that you are doing something wrong? Should you stop? Retrace your steps, reverse course.

When disagreement is the major position on your actions, there are a number of things you should benefit from doing.

One, is to analyse the contrary opinions and determine the root source of their arguments. What risks do they seek to protect you from? Have you considered these risks in your thoughts, are you prepared for the  potential effects. Simply put, are you prepared to face the consequences for your choice, and or, do you have a strong plan to mitigate these risks.

Next, evaluate why you want to make the choice. Go over why it is important for you to do this thing. If it is something that you are resolute about, it’s likely that quite a number of events or observations led you to it. What is the worth of those collective experiences? Have you misinterpreted something, or overlooked a fact.
Be honest, and be patient with this process.

If after this review, you are still  convinced, or better still, you are even more convinced after re-evaluating the information at your disposal, then a number of factors might be at work to explain the sharp disparity in opinion.

You are crazy; and that is why no one or such few people agree with you. This is the most terrifying explanation possible. When most people disagree with us, they encourage us, or we tend to suspect that our reasoning is faulty but I want to point out that there are other reasonable explanations too.

Your advisers might have overlooked, or not seen qualities that you possess and unique facts about your situation.
The odds are, that counsel is based on general experience, general knowledge, things that usually apply  but may not apply as strongly to you.
If the people that know you best, or possess deepest insight into your nature are largely among the minority that support you, it is a strong indication that you are on the right path. Also, finding from the informal survey that the people with the most information about your condition, or the most similar experiences favour your choice is a huge boost.

Your timing is decisive.
What you propose would often be unwise, typically be reckless but not right now. Time has somehow given you a chance to buck the trend, and do something entirely different.

My friend? You are about to make history! One thing I can assure you is that if you are about to do what has never or hardly ever been done, you will not get  much support.
On the other hand if what you intend has already been done / is already being done, it’s even easier for you. Study, and strive to replicate the conditions that enabled it.

If any or more of those explanations -except the first obviously- strikes you as fitting, for your case.

I say, do it. Take the leap. Take that step. Do not hesitate. Discard fear. Laugh off anxiety. Charge forward with courage and hope. Take your destiny into your own hands. Jump off that cliff they say is named ‘uncertainty’ with full certainty, full assurance, and great faith to meet your future.

I have recently done so myself. And I’ve seen many looks that conveyed concern about my choice, and my sanity. But having looked through it all, whatever happens, I will not regret my decision. It was the right one.

More importantly, I beLIeVE.


Published by

Tolu O

intends to learn to write someday, is inquisitive, maverick, and a playful lover- of music and words.

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