Hard Work is Over-Rated – Here’s Why

There is a very well told myth about the value of hard work. It’s told to encourage youths and adults alike to work painstakingly and patiently at whatever task is set before them. It appears to be true, it suggests that rewards in life come fairly, and indiscriminately. But it is a myth, I’m afraid. And I’ll quickly explain why – with examples.

If you work hard, you will be successful. If you work hard enough at anything, you will ‘make it’. I wonder how damage has been done in people’s lives because they came to completely believe that.

Look around you. I prefer not to name specific professions, but have you honestly never seen people that work very hard at their jobs/vocations yet have absolutely nothing to show for it? And yet you think that you can focus on nothing but hard effort, and turn out better for it?

I’m not sure when ‘hard work’ was mistook for ‘good work’ but it was a very sad day when that happened. Don’t misunderstand me, hard work will OFTEN be necessary to succeed, but it is ONLY a part of the equation, it is not the sole requirement. And in some rare cases, it is not EVEN a requirement.  ‘Smart work’ is the other aspect that we all too often overlook.

Picture hard work as a powerful, exotic car…say a Porsche Cayenne, on a road and success, as a some place located in the East. The problem in many cases, is that people drive (with hard-work) in the Southern Direction at maximum speed, and somehow expect that they will arrive at the desired goal of success.

It’s simply not going to happen.

You can work 100 hours a week, you can work within an inch of your life daily.

If you’re : not in a job that leverages on your unique skills, not in a field that holds great promise for you, not working anywhere close to the maximum efficiency possible with available resources ; all of the hard work in the world will do you no good. It will only bring disappointment and sadness.

Before you devote all your strength, and willpower to working HARD, be totally certain that you’re aligned in the right direction.

Don’t waste effort, and time pouring water into broken containers.


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Tolu O

intends to learn to write someday, is inquisitive, maverick, and a playful lover- of music and words.

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