White Book

You’ve might have heard a black book (or a blacklist) before, in a literal or figuratwhite%20bookive sense. It’s kinda a very personal list of people that have seriously hurt or offended you whom you someday hope to deal with or payback. Keeping a black book is mostly a terrible idea ‘cos it encourages you to hold on to anger, hate and bitterness for extended periods of time, which can do nasty things to your personality and body, apparently.

Forgiveness is usually strongly recommended.

A White Book is simple and is supposed to be the exact opposite of a black book. Instead of writing down names of people that you’re very pissed at, you write names of people that have done wonderful and exceptional things for you at various times and maybe what they did, also. People, near strangers if you like that didn’t have to help you, weren’t compelled to be nice to you yet chose to be kind, without expecting any form of reward or favor in return. It doesn’t have to be written down, you can type it or you can memorize it but you should keep it secret and let it remind you to be appreciative and thankful.

Now I think, almost everybody has those nights or days when you feel bad. Horrible, sad, depressed, or even betrayed. You start to think that maybe ‘nobody really cares about you’, ‘life is cruel’, ‘trust nobody’… those kind of unhappy thoughts. At points like that a white book can probably be invaluable and help you to see the other side of life, and how despite bad things and bad people, there is still plenty of hope, plenty of good. That ‘not everyone is out to get you’ and you can, you should get back on your feet. Do think you should keep a white book starting from today? And consciously decide to treasure and recognize people for the good they do?



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Tolu O

intends to learn to write someday, is inquisitive, maverick, and a playful lover- of music and words.

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