Money is Just Numbers

Money is Just numbers

In 30 minutes and with the Internet, I’m sure that anyone can write a plan on how to expend the total wealth of the ten richest persons in the world. No, that’s not true. In less than one minute, with one short statement, -“Pay part of the US government’s debt. “- the same thing can be done.

Think on this for a bit, “Whoever you are, however much money you make, the speed of human thoughts will always be faster than your capacity for making money”.

I know how important money is. Most of us do. Virtually every area of our lives, has some sort of strong underlying connection to our finances. Even love. Even religion. Whether or not you accept that, ‘Money cannot buy happiness’; you can hardly deny that ‘Generally, money makes life easier’.

Lifestyle; leisure; shelter; The difference between life and death, or a widely respected Businessman and unjustifiably despised low-income worke: The potential reasons to acquire and use money might well be endless.

It’s not hard to see why so many of us are so willing to work so hard, or risk so much, for so long, to get money.

I do not know anyone that can solve this ‘problem’– if you see it as one – , I do not know anyone that can give everyone all the money we want or teach us absolutely guaranteed ways to make money. I do not believe that anyone can do that for everyone. But I know an interesting way of perceiving money that could maybe help, and it consists mostly of ‘Do nots’.

Do not think of all the things that you will have to do to get money or keep the money. Do not think of the long hours for years that you might have to work, the crazy risks you might have to take or the things that you will need to do right, to have lasting financial success. Do not think of the number of brilliant and talented people that never earn as much as they genuinely need to live comfortably. It can get overwhelming and scary that way. Don’t do it. Stop doing it. Instead? Think of money as ‘just numbers’. Just numbers with zeros that stand between you  and many of the things you really want. Ordinary numbers that you need to ‘master’ or learn, to live as you want. Just Numbers.

Does it still feel as intimidating? To know that you just need to obtain control over numbers….and all you ever wanted…(well, lots of it) is within your reach.

“That’s just a mind trick”, you say. “It can’t really work”. To that I reply that whether you (choose to) see life as half-full, or half-empty, whether you are pessimistic, or optimistic is really just a choice of your mind too, and yet such a simple choice can determine whether you ever find happiness as you live.

Money is just numbers. Believe it.

It can be near impossible to think straight, or ‘think big’ when you are in urgent need of money, and yet thinking straight, thinking big, letting your mind roam wide and free, just so happens to be your best chance, of making big money.

Does a walk feel shorter when you walk with friends? Do you know that a task is likely to feel easier for you if you’re told that everybody does it perfectly versus if you’re told that most people fail it, even if in truth, most people fail it? Has love ever made you feel like you could handle anything? 

Technically, those are all ‘tricks of the mind’- like this one admittedly – but they make so much of a difference.

Take this step, liberate your mind. “Money is just numbers” is the phrase I’ve coined. You can use any another you prefer that constantly reminds you (when it most counts) that your life doesn’t have to tally up to impressive numbers in some currency to be valuable, meaningful and promising. And you should never permit yourself to be daunted or cowed by the numbers.

What is one of the major reasons why people go to schools? Why do people take jobs they dislike (to put it mildly) and devote themselves to careers that don’t give them joy? What is one common explanation for why some people can dictate the choices and actions of others?

Developing the right mental attitude to money, accepting “money is just numbers” or what it signifies, is a start. But it is not the end.

What comes next, is thoroughly understanding the amount of control that money has (or can have) over you, and deciding whether you are content to accept it. Too many people are.




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