MTN’s Nightmare

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for this for very long.
Mobile Number Portability or MTN’s Nightmare as I prefer to call it.

In case you’ve forgotten or never heard of it, here’s a brief summary.
It means you can now switch from one mobile network to another while retaining your telephone number.

You should already see why it’s MTN’s Nightmare. Displeased customers are no longer bound to a network they detest, because they do not want to lose their numbers.

The procedure currently requires you to go to a branch of the Mobile Network Provider you want to relocate to, fill a form and have the change effected in 48 hours. The first change in 90 days is free. I do not yet know how much it will cost if you try to make an additional swap within a 3 month period.

Will you be dashing down to the nearest store to ditch your current telco or wait a bit and see?

Either way this should be a very welcome development, and I expect mobile service quality to improve generally as a result.

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