The Appeal

Rachel was nauseated, rolling restlessly and surrounded by total strangers. She was lonely. She’d been hospitalized for a severe flu, and there was no one near to talk to. No one, but him, Fred. It was 10pm and they were still at it, the words and questions wouldn’t stop flowing. Appeal
On this dark, cold night in June, Fred lay in a soft, cosy bed wrapped in insulating blankets, squinting at the faint light in his hand as his thumbs flittered in urgent response .He was alone, but not lonely. Silent and yet speaking.
She had just asked for a photo of him and he’d provided one, but with a slight catch. It was a picture of him and his friend. One of them wore a cap. Rachel would need to guess who he was.
“Which are you?” she sent.
“The uglier-one, obviously” Fred replied, baiting her. “Just like you earlier suspected, I look horrible.”
“Rachel, who do you think is less good-looking?”
She blatantly replied that it was the dude at the right; he’d chosen such a horrible posture. She erupted in laughter. “No wonder you hide your photos. Is that you, Fred?!”.
Fred wore a mischievous grin as he typed back “I told you I was the ugly one. Can we skip this already? Stop humiliating me!”
But Rachel thought something was wrong. Even though Fred’s words suggested he was deeply hurt, he was still as confident and sneaky as ever, not at all like a guy who’d just been labeled ugly. Was he trying to trick her?
“Talk jor, which one are you. Tell me straight up”
“Didn’t we already agree I was the uglier one, Rachel? Why are you dragging this out? Is it because you’re good-looking and I’m not? Okay, which one do you think I am? “
“You’re the guy @ the right, aren’t you? “ “You mean, the handsome one, Rachel?” “Yes. Answer me!””
With a deep sigh, Fred humorously, reluctantly but grandly and smugly answered, “My name is Fred Aduta, I wore a cap in that picture. So you think I’m handsome, Rachel? I guess I am! *wink*”
Like any self-respecting girl , Rachel rolled her eyes and hurled a couple insincere insults at Fred but he didn’t seem to mind.
They were having a fun, fabulous night, and seemed set to continue chatting right up till morning, till 4/5am. It wouldn’t be the first time. Fred smiled, impressed that Rachel noticed his ploy. She was rather perceptive, and that was a good thing, he thought.
Rachel changed the tone of the conversation permanently with urgent, pained words.
“She’s gasping for breath. Oh God!, I don’t want to see this happen! Noooo!”
Fred sensed the sudden change, concerned. “Rachel! What’s up, what’s wrong? Are you all right? Talk to me”
“It’s my ward mate” She said. “The woman in the bed next to me. I think she’s about…to die”
“What?! Call the Doctors, the nurses….” Rachel cut in, “It’s no use. They’ve stopped her treatment. She’s broke. She can’t afford to pay the bills” .
“So, so, she’s just going to die?”, Fred wondered. Rachel was quickly going berserk as she filled him in on the other details of her ‘neighbor’s case’ .Fred’s mood became serious and grave. He let his phone slowly slip out his grasp and closed his eyes tightly, overwhelmed by emotion. He was going to passionately appeal.
Please, please. I beg you. You said if I come to you and ask something…You will do it. This woman, I know it’s not your will that she die this way. I don’t think she’s ready yet. Please listen to me!
Tears trickled out constantly now. Fred was breathing heavily, and you couldn’t easily tell if he was laughing or sobbing but his body was quivering.
There’s not much time. I beseech you. Do something! Only you can. Yes, I know she’s done wrong; she did an abortion, that’s how her kidney failed…but, but I need a miracle now. Look at me please. I know I’m one of your weakest children but I’m asking Father…please, don’t let her die!!!
A full hour passed and Fred persisted till he was no longer agitated. His face was wet, but his heart knew calm. It was settled. He sought out his discarded phone and sent a short, assured message to Rachel, “She will not die.”
“What do you mean? Instead of saying you’ll pay, You just disappeared. What were you doing sef? Did you fall asleep? “ Rachel pressed him with inquires but Fred would not say anything about the last hour.
The situation seemed under control, Rachel was not as scared, and teasing Fred again. Fred, on his part only had questions about the sick woman. Rachel told him one important detail, she’d overlooked earlier, the hospital had decided to resume the treatment anyway, but for days now, the woman had refused food and drugs. She was very weak now. Soon, Rachel wanted to change the topic but Fred wouldn’t let her. It took 50 minutes before Rachel would willingly talk of her roommate.
“She’s struggling to breathe again. She’s getting worse, someone pinched her but she didn’t feel it…” The per second updates continued till the last, “She’s gone”
“What?! Are you sure of what you’re saying? “ Fred asked.
“They just used cotton wool, tied her hands…” Fred couldn’t read the rest. “But, but I prayed!” He babbled. “You did? You mean that time?”
Fred response was bitter “Yes I did, but HE didn’t listen to me” . He was devastated. God had heard him, why didn’t God save the woman?.
He smiled , but it was a peculiar one. “Rachel, I don’t suppose I can pray for resurrection now? “
“Resurrection?!”. In spite of her sadness, Rachel laughed loud “Will you pray for that? “
Swiftly, unsought, these phrases filled Fred’s mind.
I am the resurrection and the life…If you believe; you will see the glory of God.


Published by

Tolu O

intends to learn to write someday, is inquisitive, maverick, and a playful lover- of music and words.

11 thoughts on “The Appeal”

  1. Hey nice story! Got me scared all through!!!! U shd probably write more random stories yea in between clarion call or After, and love stories won’t be a problem…..
    Good write up, btw!

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